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Breyer Walking Hereford Bull

Mold #71 made 1958-81

Finish is dark brown gloss w/white trim

Condition is very good but the original horns have been removed. He is now "polled". Finish is excellent, no rubs, chips, or other repairs. Photos will enlarge for a closer view of this handsome old bull.  Size is 5-1/2" x 10"

#71 Hereford Bull as is - $26 Sold

309 Brown Bear Cub  light brown color variation 1967-71 has ear tip edge & right hip rubs   $15

307 Brown Bear lighter color variation with tan face and lip liner. Pink tongue. 1967-71 factory paint flaw on chest, small nose rub, overall light scuffs $35


335 Siamese Kitten 6-3/4"

Seal Point 1966-71   $60

Vintage Breyer Siamese Kitten in good condition for age. No chips or breaks. There is a toe and nose rub and light rubs along the ear edges. Photos will super size. On my scale of 1 thru 10   kitty gets 8+


754803  Black Bear Cub Special Run matte black

 2003 Wild Mustang Set 

factory new $12

1517 Calico Cat  - Retired Color

2 x 3-1/2" on hanging card

1 available  $6


Clayton's Pet   $10

3 available

 Bucking Bulls of the PBR in Miniature 
individually boxed with logo stand about 4x4"
Officially licensed by the PBR
solid cast vinyl and hand decorated
Breyer CollectiBulls were retired January 1, 2007
end of stock
PBR Bull Clayton's Pet
PBR Bull ID FRCL-2666
Contractor Frontier Rodeo Company
Breed - Charbray
Weight - 1750
Born 1994





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