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H-R critters of all sizes with a bit of minor/major damage. Still collectable, they make great fillers and restoration projects.


Proper glue for attaching your minis to a base or card is plain white glue like Elmer's.  The Hagen Renaker factory uses a white glue to attach cards to the bases of their pieces. Soak the card in warm water to remove the card and any glue residue. The cards are sized to fit a commercial spinner rack for display in stores and gift shops.  I prefer my minis off the cards for easy display and storage. 



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2087-B Bulldog has a tiny ear chip, no other flaws 1-1/2"   $4 

822 Holstein Calf  w/underglaze flaw on shoulder, no chips or breaks  1-1/4"  $4

292 Holstein Bull has a tiny chip on his right ear tip, no breaks $6

3230 Toy Poodle poorly glazed face but otherwise fine  $3

2010 Appy Mare & Foal w/base. Mare is off base in 2 places....easy repair just needs glue....foal is fine  $5

  Chips can be easily touched up with a felt tip marker in the appropriate color. Let it dry and cover with a light coat of clear nail polish.




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