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Ceramic Figurines Made in America Since 1945

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New Releases for 2013
 Birds  (chickens ducks) Miniature Animals retired   
 Cats  &  Siamese Cats    Cats and Kittens  retired
 Dogs All Breeds Dogs  retired
 Fantasy Creatures & Exotics
 Farm & Forest Animals
 Fish  Frogs  Turtles
 Horses     Pegasus & Unicorns Horses  retired

Specialties    larger (curio) size ceramic figurines

Current Specialties  

Retired Specialties

 Animals & Fantasy Figurines   

 Horses    Horses  & Animals    retired
 Nativity Sets & Singles
Designer Workshop  traditional and/or curio size horses   
 Body Shop As-Is  Not quite perfect  old and new H-R items of all sizes
 Variations in mold details & color are listed on each page when available
 Hagen-Renaker Related  family and other potteries  
Freeman-McFarlin Potteries  1927-1980 none available
Loza Electrica - Ceramic Animal Figures - made in Mexico 1992-1998
Renaker-Brazel - Storybook Figurines - none available
Roselane - California Pottery 1938-1977 - none available
Walker-Renaker Pink Bisque  1952-1959  reference page - none available

There are no limits on current items.  When ordering 3 or more of any single item please allow up to 10 days for your order to arrive.  Retired items are  limited to one of each unless noted.  Please feel free to inquire about availability.




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